Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Chambers: "It´s my most succesful course"

Peter Chambers finished The Holly Run cross-country, organised by Reigate Athletic Priory (RPAC) and sponsored by Simply Sports, exhausted but happy with his race in muddy Priory Park. He won the race in Reigate last Sunday again (he already won the Under 15, 17 and 20s in previous years) and admitted: “It´s probably my most successful course so I like it here”.

After crossing the finish line, Chambers explained that the course was fun and challenging at the same time . “It was quite slippery, especially outside the wooded section (…) So it´s pretty tough on that part but I enjoy this course, I’ve ran here like probably ten times”.

He was in the second position at the beginning of the race but he soon lead the race. “It was quite difficult because on the first lap he [the leading runner] put in a big kick and pulled away and for the next 2 laps or so that gap stayed pretty much the same. So I was putting in a lot of effort by closing the gap earlier so I could set on him and then just work with him and then go pass him because I knew that I was faster up the hill and he was quicker down the hill. It was a question whether I could put in enough effort down the hill to lose him or if he could work hard enough up the hill”.

                                                   Peter Chambers crossing the finish line in first place.

Reigate’s Holly Run race director Donna Barrington-Smith explained that over 300 children aged 8 to 11 entered the Under 11s race of one mile around Priory Park. A wet start to the day and the heavens didn’t open until the after noon, when the women ran a new challenging 3.6 miles route around the park. The men’s 6 mile course included 3 very steep descends and rain hammering downn on the runners.

Next year´s Holly Run should be on Sunday 14th December 2014. RPAC holds a summer 10k. race from Priory Park, which should be held on Wednesday 9th July in the evening.

You can see in our YouTube Channel: Men Star Line, Men Finish Line, Boys Start Line and Boys Finish Line.

1 Peter Chambers (Croydon Harriers): 0:31:53 (U20M)
2 James Baker (Chichester Runners AC): 0:32:24 (Senior)
3 David White (Croydon Harriers): 0:33:10 (Senior)
4 Alister Moses (Reigate Priory AC): 0:33:58 (Senior)
5 Andrew Crooks (Walton AC): 0:34:11 (Senior)

1 Fiona Clark (Reigate Priory AC): 0:23:41 (Senior)
2 Jo Locker (Walton AC): 0:24:52 (V35)
3 Caitlin Critchley (Aldershot Farnham & District): 0:26:16 (U17G)
4 Jenna Tarrant (Woking Athletics Club): 0:26:27 (Senior)
5 Caroline Wood (Arena 80): 0:26:40 (V45)

Under 17Boys:
1 Billy Black (Herne Hill Harriers): 0:16:59
2 Harvey Voller (Oxted School): 0:17:14
3 Ben Barry (Sutton & District AC): 0:17:43
4 Jack La Phone Hill (Oxted School): 0:20:53
5 Ash Tucker (Aldershot Farnham & District): 0:26:49

                                                   Ready, steady...!

Under 15 Boys:
1 Abel Tesfalem Tadesse (Herne Hill Harriers): 0:17:21
2 Oliver Percival (Aldershot Farnham & District): 0:17:35
3 Tom Lowry (Dorking & Mole Valley AC): 0:17:47
4 Ryan Galvin (Sutton & District AC): 0:18:06
5 Christian Lee (Tonbridge AC): 0:18:11

Under 15 Girls:
1 Genevieve Allan (Tonbridge AC): 0:11:47
2 Daisy Setyabule (Herne Hill Harriers): 0:11:50
3 Sammy Bonny (Aldershot Farnham & District): 0:11:53
4 Georgia Bell (Sutton & District AC): 0:11:57
5 Hannah Morris (Dorking & Mole Valley AC): 0:12:06

Under 13 Boys:
1 Turkay Korkmaz (Herne Hill Harriers): 0:10:59
2 Thomas Davies (Sydney Grammar): 0:11:11
3 Coleman Corry (Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC): 0:11:13
4 Joshua Foreman (Aldershot, Farnham & District): 0:11:21
5 Frederick Geen (Dorking & Mole Valley AC): 0:11:26

Under 13 Girls:
1 Kayah Wilks (Herne Hill Harriers): 0:11:49
2 Dominique Corradi (Sutton & District AC): 0:12:05
3 Emiko Salvi (Dorking Mole Valley AC): 0:12:39
4 Sacha Kennedy (St Mary's Richmond AC): 0:12:41
5 Jodie Strettell (Aldershot Farnham & District): 0:12:59

Under 11 Boys:
1 Olly Wilson (Kingston & Poly AC): 0:06:13
2 Felix Vaughan (Reigate Priory AC): 0:06:15
3 Nicholas Smith (Reigate Priory AC): 0:06:19
4 Jack Simpson (Sutton & District AC): 0:06:22
5 Jacob Stott  (Herne Hill Harriers): 0:06:23

Under 11 Girls:
1 Peggy Winterborn (South London Harriers): 0:06:32
2 Megan Coffey (Walton AC): 0:06:37
3 Lily Grant (Reigate Priory Primary School): 0:06:40
4 Maisy Rose (Dartford Harriers): 0:06:41
5 Lucy Broderick (Reigate Priory Primary School): 0:06:45

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