Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The retirement of Kevin Pietersen from International cricket

By Adrian Pointer

So it’s goodbye to one of the most exciting and entertaining batsmen in the history of international cricket. Many have described KP as a maverick, but the best usually are. They are different from the rest, they do things that others cannot and they do things that others wish they didn’t, that is what you get with a maverick. I will count myself lucky that I was alive to see him bat.

Source: AP

The greats who play individual sports such as John McEnroe or Cassius Clay as he was when he shocked the world of boxing manage themselves, but within the team environment it takes a special talent to manage brilliance. Perhaps this is why we ultimately recognise great managers such as Sir Alex Ferguson and Brian Clough or even Jose Mourinho.

As the saying goes “there is no “i” in team but there are five in “individual brilliance”

We will miss KP remembering the first time we ever saw that switch hit for six and wish good luck to the batsman that has to fill his shoes.

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