Friday, 26 September 2014

Rubber or aluminium football studs?

It is surprising how hard the ground can become when it hasn’t rained and a good moulded sole, ideal for playing on harder grass pitches, will save you a lot of pain (it is common ankle injuries).

Screw in boots are for soft ground or muddy surfaces and different length studs (12 to 18 mm) can be used if the ground is very soft. Always make sure you tighten your studs before every game.

If the pitch is varied in its firmness then you can always put rubber studs in your screw in boots though make sure they are tight as they can become loose very easily.

Pro Touch - Simply Sports

Other football boots options are Astroturf, with many short studs to play on astro-turf ground, and Indoor, with a rubber flat outsole, good grip and stability to play on wooden surfaces.

Despite that very few boots are made of leather, using a good quality polish or Dubbin will help keep the boots waterproof. Always remember to put newspaper in the boots if they become wet and never dry them out in an airing cupboard or near a radiator.

Make sure you check the pitch conditions before you take the field, you could be the only player left standing at the end of the game!

Do not forget that using the wrong boots on hard or soft ground can result in:

      1. Injury.

      2Damaging the boots beyond repair.
      3. Poor performance.

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