Sunday, 25 January 2015

Choosing the right size kockey stick

Choosing the right size stick will make sure that you get the most out of your game. Being able to control the stick will depend on getting the right length and weight.

This is dependent on the players strength especially when choosing a stick for someone over the age of 15. Many ladies under the height of 5’4’’ could still use a full size (36.5’’) stick.

Defenders will generally use a slightly heavier stick while forwards generally favour a lighter stick to help with fast stick skills. Besides, a defensive player may require a longer reach, whereas a forward player may prefer a shorter stick for more control of the ball.

Hockey sticks on display at Oxted store.

Some players will have several sticks, firstly as back up in case of breakage and also in case of playing in a different position.

In the case of a junior player, it is recommended that the stick be about level with the hip.

Below is a rough guide for stick lenghs.

30’’                       Under 4’3’’   (129.54 centimetres)
32’’                       4’3’’ – 4’8’’   (129.54 - 142.24)
34’’                       4’8’’ – 5’       (142.24 - )
35-35.5’’                   5’ – 5’4’’
36’’                       5’4’’ – 5’6’’
36.5’’                    5’4’’ – 6’’
37’’                       6’+

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