Sunday, 14 May 2017

Don't celebrate before you win!

Slovenian cyclist Luka Pibernik has been one of the sports man of the week and probably his mistake will be on the top of the year. Poor Luka! When he raises his arms and crosses the finish line because he thinks he had just won the stage five of the Giro d'Italia. Unfortunately, there were another six kilometres of the course to go. Finally, Fernando Gaviria won this stage, but the real hero for everybody was The Bahrain Merida rider, at least on Facebook coments and Tweets.


But he has not been the only professional sportsman that had made monumental mistakes arriving the finish line throughout sports history. Here are another funny errors made, specially it happens in Athletic, when you feel winner too early. 

By just 9/100ths of a second

Runner Ben Payne dominated the Peachtree 10km race in Atlanta on USAS'S Independence Day and only a few metres before the line started to celebrate the victory. This error allowed British Olympian Scott Overall arrive in first position by just 9/100ths of a second.


"It was a learning experience"

I saw the crowd, and it was very loud. I just wanted to celebrate winning in front of our crowd. I was excited about it. But the race wasn’t over. … It wasn’t very smart. But it was a learning experience”, said runner Tanguy Pepiot after Meron Simon won in the last metres of a race at the Pepsi Team Invitational in Eugene (Oregon). Don't miss out his face in the below video.


Nearly wastes over 70 miles of had work

What a fright Ironman competitor Jérémy Jurkiewicz had when he was nearly lost the Ironman 70.3 Brazil in the last second! At the end of the line, the frenchman looked behind him and had to stop Igor Amorelli of Brazil to keep his deserved victory.

Don't forget the power of a backspin football! 

Goalkeeper Loris Angeli forgot the power of the backspin in football and now his performance is considered one of the the worst goalkeeper fails of all time. It happened in the seventh division of Italian football in a play-off match between Dro and Termeno to decide who would be promoted to  Eccellenza. Football player Palma threw the ball against the cross bar and Angeli started to celebrate the fail of his rival, but the football was in the air still. This video has been watched about 3 millions on YouTube:


The unluckiest goalkeeper in the world

Moroccan keeper Khaled Askri is nicknamed “the unluckiest goalkeeper in the world”. Why? Another premature celebration.


When a match is decided in 0,6 seconds

This type of situations happens in basketball as well. The summer of 2010. Croatian Club Cibona Zagreb vs Serbia's KK Partizan. The match was decided in 0,6 seconds. See the Coach's face.


An useless sprint of 80 metres

It is the U20 Vodaphone Junior Warriors against the U20 South Sydney side in Australia. Glen “The Flying Fish” collects the rugby ball and races away. It can be the scoring of his sports career. He is unstoppable. A perfect sprint of 80 metres to the glory, but he forgets to drop the rugby ball.    


Unfortunately for them, they are more popular for these particular mistakes than their sporting career. But they have given us hilarious moments and a life lesson: Don't celebrate a win until you cross the finish line. Ever.

Do you remember another premature celebrations in the sports world?

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