Monday, 10 July 2017

Your Running Swing

Is there really one right way to run? Is it better to be a forefoot or midfoot striker runner? Is it bad if  I use my heels when I land on the ground? There are common questions that runners ask us when they realize each elite athlete runs in a different way. Then, what is the best way to run?

Difficult question that Brooks has tried to answer in an interesting study just focused on that topic. Iain Hunter, a biomechanist at Brigham Young University, analysed different footprints to conclude that each runner strikes the ground in a unique way. Some land on their forefoot, others with their midfoot and more than half of these elite runners landed with heel strike. "Like a signature or fingerprint, each runner leaves his or her own personal mark of individuality on the track". But not only there are differences on the ground, each ankle, knee and hip joint react depending on the runner.

That is the reason why Brooks thinks that now the Running Gait assessment has to be faced from the another perspective. The idea is to go beyond Supination, Neutral or Over Pronation parameters. They call this concept of identifying the unique and highly individual characteristics of each runner “RunSignature".

Each runner strikes the ground in a unique way. (Brooks Glycerin 15).

Brooks remembers that the geometry of our bones, the strength of our soft tissues, and our adaptation skills are all different among us, consequently everyone has a unique and individualistic way to run. Basically, the structure or geometry of our body affects how we move (our bodies are a complex mechanical system: the foot alone has 26 bones, 33 joints, and hundreds of muscle tendons and ligaments).

At this point, Brooks suggests do not be obsessed with changing your running form and embrace who you are and enjoy your run: be confident in the knowledge that you are all running in your preferred, natural manners. “Runners who achieve this goal should see increased performance or efficiency, a reduced risk of injury, provide a healthy load to the body, and be able to stay fit and active”.

The Run Signature is more focused on matching the runner to the shoe, to matching the shoe to the runner. “It is not about correcting runners, but embracing who they are”. The American Running Company compares your singular Running Gait to golf swing. Basically, there is not a perfect swing in the world, the best way is adjust your natural characteristics to you.

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The information of this post is based on the Run Signature ebook.

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