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How to complete 50th Park Run by Catriona Sanderson

Catriona Sanderson remembers that she already loved running when she was studying at school. It was in 2010 when she started running like a routine and seven years later she has celebrated another milestone in her running life. The last 11th of November she completed her 50th Park Run (39 of 50 runs at Reigate Priory). Catriona, one of the more active member of Simply Sports Running Club, tells that she enjoyed a lot that day running over muddy puddles along with her school friend Mary Northway, who reached 50th Parkrun that same day as well. Here is her experience and her running recommendations like take part in Park Run and our lovely running club. Thank you for sharing your experience and now counting down for your 100th Park Run!
Mary and Catriona after their 50th Park Run.

"It was great to do my 50th Parkrun at Reigate sharing it with my school friend Mary also doing her 50th run (she took up park running after returning from living in  Africa a couple of years ago). We both grew up in Margate. I did my first parkrun on 31 August 2013 in Margate, before Reigate had started its own Parkrun. It’s a great run along the clifftops with beautiful views out to sea. I did a few runs down there especially when my father was still alive. The route passes the beaches I went to as a child and looking inland I can see our old family home.

I gradually started to do more runs in Reigate which is much closer to where I live now in Redhill. I have done a few other tourist runs and a memorable one was in Kingston when we moored up our little cabin cruiser on the Thames for the night, I got up in the morning clambered up the bank to the start of the run along the tow path.

I had to take a break from park running for about a year when I got plantar fasciitis. Simply Sports running club helped to keep me going with some gentle runs on Thursday as well as some other exercise and Pilates. Thankfully my foot recovered and I can run a lot more regularly again now. I love being able to run on Thursdays with Simply Sports and then on Saturdays at parkrun. It’s a great way to start the weekend. Sometimes it’s just about getting it done, sometimes it’s aiming for a PB and lately it was wanting to get that first milestone 50 T-shirt!

When I run the course in Reigate I count down the number of “hill climbs” on the second lap – it’s just my way of dong the course, I am sure everyone has little ways to keep going – it’s a really friendly run and I recommend both parkrun and Simply sports running club whether you are new to running or want to make some new friends as you run!"
(by Catriona Sanderson)

Training of Simply Sports Club, directed by Steve, at Priory Park.

Catriona's Running Profile 

Name and surname: Catriona Sanderson

Age: 52

Occupation: Clerk to School Governors.

How often do you run?   Twice a week, sometimes three if I am training for a specific event.

Why do you love running? It's so flexible and quick. I can just open the front door and go. It's great to appreciate the countryside around where I live.

When did you start?  Started in January 2010 - training for a Try-a-Tri at East Grinstead - previously at school I loved 100m sprint and 80m hurdles!

On Road or Off Road: A mixture of both.

Short or Long Distances? 5-10K runs

Park Run or races? Both, I like to do Park Run regularly as well as Simply Sports and when I can will do 10k races - mainly local.

Your running kit essential: Running leggings with a zipped back pocket to keep my keys and parkrun barcode and my Garmin to see how far I have gone. I never run with music.

Your favourite running brand: Ronhill.

Your best and worst running memories: Best moment was doing the Intersport Run Reigate Half marathon in 2014. I loved every minute of it. Worst moment: plantar fasciitis.

How do you motivate to run? Keeping fit as I get older, A chance to think and pray and clear my head and meeting up with friends at club runs and events.

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