Thursday, 23 August 2018

Your running club for training for the Intersport Run Reigate

Cat and Sarah from Team Mama are the energetic spirit of the Run Reigate Run Club, free training sessions held every Tuesday at Priory Park to prepare people for the Intersport UK Run Reigate Half Marathon, 10k or 5k the next 16th of September. Both coaches lead the sessions along with The Fitness Zone and tell us in this interview their amazing experience with this new running community is being born in Reigate.

- What was the goal to start the Run Reigate Run Club?

Initially the goal was to give people a structured programme to build up their fitness and running technique to achieve a 5k distance. However, this programme has also benefited the 10k and 1/2 marathon runners in improving their running speeds, balance, coordination and strength.

- How is being the experience?

It has been a fantastic experience. The Run Reigate Running Club has been so well received - we have had amazing numbers, and brilliant feedback. It has also been great exposure for our business TeamMama (a leading advanced post-natal fitness provider helping mums to recover their strength and fitness safely in a fun, friendly environment).

The first training of the Run Reigate Run Club.

- How has been the feedback from the community?

We have had really positive feedback from all our runners. The difficulty we had was pitching the session to both novices as well as seasoned runners. The feedback has been that everyone has felt challenged and pushed.

- Did you expect this success?

Yes! Run Reigate is a really enthusiastic team with great social media exposure. They also have huge sponsors who are also actively involved - so we managed to spread the work quickly about our fantastic running club. The Reigate running community are really supportive of both Run Reigate race and also the Run Reigate Running Club.

- What is the running profile you need to join the club?

You just need to enjoy running and meeting people. We are able to adapt the exercises to meet various needs so we welcome all abilities, speeds and ages.

- How are the sessions?

The session are developed on a tried and tested coaching formula. Each week the session focus on the 'all important' running drills, building strength, balance and coordination. We then include a variety of interval, tempo and exercises - varying each week. We then finish with a timed 1k-1.5k run which gives everyone a brilliant benchmark to assess their progress. The sessions are designed and adapted for both novices as well as experienced runners. Everyone can come.

The running sessions are free are held every Tuesday at Priory Park.

- How do you motivate people to run? 

As coaches we try to bring enthusiasm, knowledge, fun and experience to each session. This has helped build a great atmosphere and has made it so popular. Each individual is running for their own personal goal: charity, health, personal best, or just for fun. A combination of all these things is what motivates our runners.

- What do you need if you want to take part in a session?

It is simple - you need a bottle of water, trainers and a smile.

- What tips do you give people training for a race like Run Reigate?

Find your goal...what is going to keep you running and training? Stay focused and don't loose heart. Join a club with like minded runners, and find a friend, who runs at your pace, to run with each week. Most importantly....ENJOY IT! Run Reigate is a fun, friendly and active community that is great to be part of. Whether you are signed up for the 5k, 10k or 1/2 marathon you will become hooked.

Run Reigate Run Club training sessions are held every Tuesday (until 4th of September) at 7:30 - 8:30pm in Reigate Priory Park -in front of the school-. The free sessions are created to prepare for the Intersport Run Reigate Half Marathon, 10k and 5k race.