Friday, 17 October 2014

Be seen, be safe

By Steve Young

As well as being effective and fun training needs to be safe.

Whilst trying to get the most out of the light evenings it is easy to get caught out too far from home before night falls. Our tried and tested safety tips are:

- Carry a headlamp or a small LED with you red or white, they are a great way to ensure you are seen.

- Face the oncoming traffic (unless on a blind bend).

- Wear bright clothing with reflective strips.

- Stay on a route that has street lighting or a well-known route for you.

- Carry some ID, if you are going to carry your phone make sure you have ICE (in case of emergency) in your contacts.

- Take your cell phone.

- Ear always open. Do not be distracted with the music or the radio.

- Pay attention to your surroundings.

- Find someone to run with and if you decide to run alone share your plan. What better way to do that than join our friendly running club (Ask us about Simply Sports Running Club in Reigate)?

And finally…

Do not forget to enjoy running, enjoy life!