Monday, 11 September 2017

Training through the pain

In the text below our ambassador in the Intersport Run Reigate Vicky Maher tell us about her training programme to be ready for the 10K Run Reigate next Sunday. Many runners will be identify with her words because she is recovering from an injury which have not allowed her to train normally. Runners, does this sound familiar? Enjoy with her experience and tips. Just 5 days for the race!!!

"So if you read my last blog you know I am running the Intersport Run Reigate 10k this year. Having marshalled the course last year I got a free place (yey!) and I thought about running the half again but the training is HARD and I've actually never run an official 10k so I signed up for that. I run parkrun every week and my pb is 28:10 so I wanted to get under an hour. Great target and totally achievable, right? But my body had other plans. After running Reigate YMCA fun run in the spring my back started giving me pain until it got to a point where I could hardly move. I eventually went to see a physio (the lovely Wako at Reigate Park View Clinic) and my biggest fear was allayed. It wasn't caused by running. Hurray! No it was caused by much simpler things to give up... sitting at a desk for work all day, housework and gardening! So I was told I had a bulging disc and have been having regular physio and doing exercises to try and get the disc back where it should be.

All this means my running got abandoned for a while but, with my Physio's blessing, I am able to Intersport Run Reigate. I know I won't be aiming sub 60 anymore; but just getting round while I am not yet fully healed will be an achievement.

I was hoping to run the Reigate Athletics Summer 10k as part of my training but I was barely back running at that point so instead I joined the Intersport Run Reigate Team of volunteers. Getting to hand out medals was AWESOME plus I got one of this years very cool t-shirts to spur me on! 

Vicky (second right) with Run Reigate helpers in Priory Park.

My training programme has also been very cut short as until 6 weeks before the big race I had only just got back to parkrun and my back was getting sore by the end so my Physio gave me strengthening exercises including the dreaded plank. 😣 These are apparently helping my core... all I know is by 4 weeks before the race I can manage 8km pain free. But getting out to run when you hurt before you start? That's hard. And I seem to have developed a mental attitude that I can't do least for the first half of my runs. I hit half way and I'm fine but for some reason I am being far more negative than usual so I need to work on turning that around. 

Vicky collecting her Brooks Transcend with Olivia and Adrian.

Three weeks to go I ran Reigate Priory parkrun this week. It's not my usual parkrun and I find it harder than Tilgate (my home run for the last four years) but as my best running buddy Laura has achilles tendon issues and my mum (who started running last year!) has plantar fascitiis, I decided to stay local.  So I got in at 32:25. Not bad but just not enjoying running. Later in the week I got out for a reasonable 8k. My time was only 4 minutes over my ymca fun run time from pre-back issues so that's positive.

Two weeks to go and I opted a solo Reigate parkrun again. ... why is it some weeks are hard and other are easy? This week I felt good, strong and enjoyed running for the first time in two weeks. Result? I equaled my course pb of 30:42. So chuffed. Typically it didn't last though 8.7km in the week took 61 minutes which I am not thrilled with but still determined just to enjoy it on the day. Highlight of the week was my trip to Simply Sports. Race pack collected, beautiful new Brooks Transcend collected, sport bra on order (both courtesy of Simply Sports for being their Intersport Run Reigate ambassador this year) and bought a new running vest too. I feel all set now and can't wait to try out my shoes on Saturdays parkrun :-)

Vicky and her running buddy Laura.
One week to go. Eeek!  Went back to my "homerun" of Tilgate parkrun today (last Saturday). I started running there before Reigate parkrun was started and it's still my favourite course. I was overtaken by the 30 minute pacer before chevron hill (the big one to the uninitiated) which is never a good sign but got a finish time of 30:05. Biggest news today though is I put my socks on standing up and didn't fall over! Sounds daft doesn't it? But I haven't been able to do that for months!

Another big thank you to Simply Sports today too. My running buddy Laura went to see the helpful team there and chose some Saucony trail shoes which should help with her Achilles issues so she was back at parkrun with me today ;-) (Saturday).

So I will sign off my blog today (Saturday), planning some restful runs this week and nothing too long with lots of strengthening exercises!

I wish you all a brilliant Intersport Run Reigate. See you next Sunday!"

(by Vicki Maher)

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