Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Giving your stick a longer life

Hockey sticks can be very expensive items and as with any consumer product, it is reasonable to expect the owner to care for and maintain his or her stick. The players who do this correctly can expect the stick´s performance and life-span to be significantly improved. Here is some specific advice.

It is recommended that players should tape the lower part of the shaft of the stick with cloth tape. Not only does this help protect the stick from the effects of stick clashes, it also helps to control the ball when receiving, and thus improving play. Firstly apply several lengths along the flat face and then one wrapping only, to produce a cushion which help control the ball. This will also prevent the shaft from becoming too wide to pass the 51 mm ring test. Players should look to replace this tape as it wears and its effect diminishes.


Repair kits and maintenance:
All sticks wear with use. If wear is unchecked it can lead to further head problems. Good hockey retailers can supply various stick repair kits. When such materials are applied correctly and on a “little and often” basis they can counter wear to the head.

Toe and Edge hitting:
Rules now allow for the ball to be hit off the edge of the stick. It is not possible to completely prevent damage to the edges of sticks and also if the toe is grounded during the attempt to play such a shot. We strongly recommend that players use an old stick to perfect this technique.

Anyway, if you have any other questions, please ask us (Hockey at Simply Sports).

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